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  Soccer Max Websites provides Professional Soccer  Team,  Soccer Club and Soccer League Websites that can be completely managed by the League or Club owners, with its easy to use Management Portal. You can manage every aspect of your Soccer Tournament or Club.

Do you have to be a technical person to manage the website ?

No, Not at all. Our websites are very easy to manage. Allowing you or anyone at your organization to always manage your own website.. As well as all its features.



Does the website have all the features we will need for our Soccer Organization?

Yes, the websites are developed specifically for Soccer Organizations. Each Platform has the necessary features for your organization. If you are a Soccer Academy or Club, sign up for the Club website. If you are a Soccer Team, sign up for the Soccer Team. etc.


How long does it take for the website to be ready?

The website takes 5-7 business days for us to have it ready for you. Once the website is designed, we show it to you, and if any changes are needed - we make the changes as requested. Until you are 100% happy..


Are the websites custom designed?

Yes, our designers design the Soccer website for you and once we are finished. We show the design to you, for approval.



Do we get unlimited support with your website?

Yes, you can call our staff anytime for assistance with your website. You can call us as many times are you like and our friendly staff will help you.



Do we get email service with your website?

Yes, you get 20 email addresses with your domain.



If I have an existing domain, Can I keep it when sign up for your website?

Yes, you can keep your domain name. Once we finish your website, we will send you an Activation email with the Name Servers to point the domain to. Our staff will also help you if you have any questions regarding.



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